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We're looking to hear your urban wildlife stories for our new series - IRELAND'S WILD CITIES

"Ireland's Wild Cities" is a new four-part TV series celebrating the wildlife with which we share our cities - the brave, clever and tenacious animals that have managed to find a niche in the ever-changing landscapes of Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway.

From the mesmerising aerobatics of a Starling murmuration over a Belfast bridge to the wild flowers in a Cork graveyard to the Salmon gliding unseen past Galway's midnight revellers,

"Ireland's Wild Cities" will go behind the scenes to the highest rooftops, underground and underwater to reveal an extraordinary world of wildlife activity that goes largely unseen in our cities.

We would love you to send us your stories or if you have any photos of your city’s wildlife or your suburban garden visitors.

If you live in Cork, Dublin, Belfast and Galway and have a wildlife tale to tell, please contact us.


Catch WILD THINGS our new wildlife series for children on RTÉJr from Monday Feb 16th

Wild Things is a six-part short film series exploring Ireland’s native wildlife for a pre-school audience. From the Golden Eagles in Donegal, to the Humpback Whales off the Wexford coast, the playful and curious Red Squirrel to the delicate butterflies that float through the air during summer, this series will bring us a selection of Ireland’s wildlife in short-form film style made specifically for young children. The 3 minute shows will be shown weekdays on RTÉJr from Monday 16th February at 08:55 and 17:40. Made with the support of RTÉJr, NPWS: Notice Nature and the UN Decade on Biodiversity.


ON A RIVER IN IRELAND wins the WWF Golden Panda Award at Wildscreen 2014

ON A RIVER IN IRELAND has won the top award at this year's Wildscreen Festival as well as taking away awards for Best Cinematography and Best Script.

Considered the 'Green Oscars', Wildscreen celebrates the best and brightest in natural history film-making.

Awarding ON A RIVER IN IRELAND the best in festival, Wildscreen said "A beautifully conceived film where the script, photography, music and editing create a magical hour, reconnecting us with nature in a way that very few films do today."

Broadcast on Irish TV as "The Secret Life of the Shannon", ON A RIVER IN IRELAND follows Colin Stafford Johnson on a journey along the River Shannon - Ireland's greatest geographical landmark and the longest river in Ireland & Britain.

Filmed over two years, the film features extraordinary animal behaviour captured with the very latest camera technologies. The film has already enjoyed great success winning three awards at Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival including Best Overall Film.

Made with the support of RTÉ, BAI, ESB, NPWS, Waterways Ireland, The Heritage Council and produced with the support of investment incentives for the Irish Film Industry provided by the Government of Ireland


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